Seeking a Dream

There are several artist who are categorized as “Rare Talent” and this woman is in that circle. Goapele is the epitome of real talent and her album “Dreamseeker” proves just that. When you think of real R&B and the sounds of greatness flowing through your ears, your mind should automatically include Goapele in that vision.

With her latest album, Goapele gives us a little flavor of everything. My personal favorite song is “Secret”, which gives the illusion of an insatiable and irresistible escapade that becomes consuming in every way. This beautiful woman also pays homage to the late great Aaliyah with a sample of “Are you that somebody” which overrides the background of the song “Secret.

Here are the top five reasons why you should download this album and/or include it in your music library:

  1. It’s REAL R&B music
  2. Issa Vibe
  3. You will personally connect to the lyrics
  4. Her voice is amazing
  5. You don’t have to skip a song

Another favorite track is “Stay” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid. This song tells the tale of the longing of two souls who plead with one another to stay in the relationship. Goapele sounds of a wind chime blowing through the perfect breeze on a summer night as BJ the Chicago Kid is the breeze.

“Dreamseeker” debuted in May 2017 and it was a surprise to many. As the first song starts, you can envision being on a beach, near clear blue waters with a Mai Tai in hand. This album simply does not disappoint.