Why Lizzo’z Coconut Oil Is Much Needed

2016 has brought us scandal, heartbreak and plenty WTF moments. It has also given us coconut oil and all of it’s much needed nutrients. Lizzo’s EP, Coconut Oil, is Afro-centrism at it’s best. It is the heartbreak anthem, independent reminder, black and beautiful feeling album that is much needed. We should thank Lizzo for giving us this masterpiece.

Coconut Oil describes the reemergence of of a dissipated soul that has discovered her beauty and place in the world. Anthems such as “Phone” gives all eternal life, painting a picture of an all to well night out on the town. “Scuse Me” makes a bold and vivid statement that “Sometimes, you just have to stop and feel yourself”.

Here are five reasons why you need coconut oil in your life.

  1. Your life is a little dry and you need some moisture in it.
  2. When you’re feeling yourself then this is the album to listen to.
  3. When you’re cooking then this is the album to listen to.
  4. When you’re looking for your phone then this is the album to listen to lol.
  5. Simply because this album is lit.

Lizzo is giving us all kinds of Solange Knowles, Elle Varner, Kelis, (Milkshake, Refill, Cranes in the sky) feels. This is definitely an album worth listening to and telling your friends about. Play it at work and tell your co-workers. You can even let your boss listen in and finally hear some good music. Let’s support great music and let’s support black music

Coconut oil is available on Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud. Check out the EP and leave your comments below. Again, let’s support great music.

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